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Every year, the Maison d’Izieu benefits from the loyal support of many companies and individuals. It is thanks to so many people’s commitment that the Maison d’Izieu association can continue to run and to work with the younger generations, to offer a variety of cultural material, to raise awareness of the events with a greater audience, to maintain and restore the heritage of the site, where the house has been protected and listed in the additional list of historical monuments since 1991.

However committed you are to the cause, everyone can help the Maison d’Izieu to:

– Bring the memory of the children and adults of the Izieu home to life

– Support and/or get involved in teaching, academic and scientific research, further education, and more generally informing and educating people from all walks of life, particularly young people, on crimes against humanity

– Reflect on fundamental human values and crimes against humanity

– Act and fight against all forms of discrimination: xenophobia, anti-semitism, racism


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If you would like to join and to donate, use the page become a member.


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By donating regularly, we can spread the amount of your donation over several months. It therefore means we can plan the association’s measures over time and can carry out our aims successfully. By becoming a regular donor, you allow us to act now but to also take action for the future.


Tax benefits

The company can deduct 60% of the sum of the donation from its taxes up to 0.5% of the annual turnover. A donation of €1000 actually only costs you €600 after tax deduction.

An individual sponsor can deduct 60% of the amount of their donation from their taxes, which is deducted from up to an annual limit of 20% of their taxable income. A donation of €100, for example, actually only costs you €25 after tax deduction.

When you donate more than 10,000 euros, funding is included in the Sabine Zlatin Endowment Fund which supports the Maison d’Izieu association.

The Maison d’Izieu has chosen the online platform Hello Asso to enable you to securely subscribe, contribute and/or make a donation online. It is therefore possible to choose to make a contribution to the running of Hello Asso.

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