Privacy policy

The new law on the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) allows you to better control how your data is used.

The Maison d’Izieu is careful to protect your personal data and to be completely transparent about how they are using it.


Main provisions

A standardised framework: a single set of regulations in all EU countries.

 Extraterritorial application: non-European companies will also be subject to the regulation if they focus on EU residents through profiling or if they offer goods and services to European residents.

“Explicit” and “positive” consent: companies must give people more control over their personal data.

– Child sign-up: For a child who is under a certain age to sign up to a service, they require parental consent. In France, the age at which a young person no longer needs parental consent is 15 years old.

The right to deletion: the person concerned has the right to have their personal data deleted.

Transferability: the ability to transfer personal data from one service to another (social networks, emails, etc.) directly (Service 1 to Service 2) or indirectly (Service 1 to data owner to Service 2). The purpose of this right to transferability is to empower and enable users to have more control over their personal data.

– Profiling: “the right to not be the subject of a ruling based exclusively on automated processing, including profiling, that may have a legal impact on the ruling or significantly affect it in a similar way”.



What is personal data?

Personal data, or data of a personal nature, is information that makes it possible to identify a natural person, either directly or indirectly. It could be:

– a name,
– a photograph,
– an IP address,
– a phone number,
– a computer connection identifier,
– an address,
– a fingerprint,
– a voice recording,
– a social security number,
– an email, etc.



What personal data is processed by the Maison d’Izieu?

Personal data is collected by the site as a result of the user voluntarily providing their email address when sending an email, as well as the person’s first and last name. Emails are used to send the requested information.
The email addresses collected will not be sent to any third party.

The Maison d’Izieu only processes your personal data to help keep you better informed. Your collected data may include, but is not limited to, the following:

– Your first name, last name, address, date of birth, email, phone number (landline and mobile);
– Your job;
– Your location data;
– Your billing address;
– Your financial information (e.g. credit card number);
– Date of your purchases
– Date and sum of your donations;
– IP/Mac address;
– Use of cookies;
– Connection and browsing data;
– Any other information you wish to provide us.

In order to take action with regard to your personal data (delete/modify), please contact the following person:

Pierre Monnet, Head of Administration and Finances

MAISON D’IZIEU, mémorial des enfants juifs exterminés

70 Route de Lambraz,
01300 Izieu