The Wall against oblivion – a European Rememchild Project From 26 januaury to 1 november 2024

REMEMCHILD aims to retrace the trajectories, experiences and memories of children in wartime, with a particular focus on the Second World War and the immediate post-war period, in Western and Eastern Europe, in countries that were occupied and/or collaborated with and then liberated by the Allies.
The aim of this project is to create a ‘Wall against oblivion’ and to participate in a digital platform run by the University of Madrid and the Guernica Peace Museum.

Three classes, supervised by their History-Geography, Literature, Italian and Visual Arts teachers, created the works exhibited in the orchard of the Maison d’Izieu:

  • the 4th class 6 from Collège Sabine Zlatin in Belley
  • the Arts Focus class from Lycée du Bugey in Belley
  • the vehicule maintenance classes from Lycée professionnel François Cevert in Écully

They were supervised by Chloé Colin, photography artist and vidographer from the association BLICK Photographie, and by Roman Kroke, interdisciplinary artist and member of the Scientific Council of the Maison d’Izieu.

Two other “Walls”, created by Italian and Spanish students, are revealed at the Fondation Fossoli (Italy) and the Guernica Peace Museum (Spain).