In 1987, the trial of Klaus Barbie in Lyon allowed several of the Izieu children’s home’s  key historical figures to come together, more than forty years after the events: Sabine Zlatin, who founded the camp in 1943, Pierre-Marcel Wiltzer, the former sub-prefect of Belley, Gabrielle Tardy (or Perrier by her maiden name), who was the teacher at the home, Léon Reifman, a doctor, Paulette Pallarés, who helped the carers in the summer of 1943, and some of those who were welcomed at the home  as children (Paul Niedermann, Samuel Pintel, Hélène, Bernard and Adolphe Waysenson, etc.)) or their families (Fortunée Benguigui, Alexandre and Ita-Rose Halaunbrenner, etc.).
The “Memorial Museum of the Children of Izieu” [Musée mémorial des enfants d’Izieu] association was officially created on 4 March 1988.
Its first board of directors included, among others, Sabine Zlatin and Pierre-Marcel Wiltzer, local elected officials and state representatives from the National Office for Veterans and Victims of War [Office National des Anciens Combattants et Victimes de Guerres] and from the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions [Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France].
The association’s goal was to open a memorial on the Izieu site for educational purposes.

In July 1990, thanks to national fundraising, the association acquired the house that was home to the children. The President of the Republic, François Mitterrand, included the creation of a museum dedicated to the children of Izieu as part of the “Grands Travaux” program.

On 24 April 1994, the President of the Republic, François Mitterrand, inaugurated the “Memorial Museum of the Children of Izieu”.

Since 2000, the association has been called “Maison d’Izieu, Memorial to the Exterminated Jewish Children” [Association de la Maison d’Izieu, mémorial des enfants juifs exterminés].

On 6 April 2015, the President of the Republic, François Hollande, inaugurated the Sabine and Miron Zlatin building and the new permanent exhibition at the Maison d’Izieu.


Board of directors

The board of directors is made up of fifteen to eighteen members elected by the general assembly and nine ex officio members: the mayors of Izieu and Brégnier-Cordon, representatives from the public authorities linked to the association and two of the children who formerly attended the camp.
It is vested with considerable power to make decisions on the association’s purpose, operation and development, within the framework of the guidelines and actions outlined by the general assembly.

Members of the association’s bureau*

Thierry Philip

Simon Pintel
Vice President

Laurence Collet-Roth

Franck Lévy

Bertrand Wert
Assistant Treasurer

* updated on 02 june 2023

Members of the board of directors*

Ex officio members

Marc Drouet
Regional Director of Cultural Affairs of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region

Olivier Dugrip
Rector of the Lyon Academy, Rector of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes academic region, represented by Christophe Montez, Rector of the Lyon Academy

Marie-Laurence Teil
Ministry of the Armed Forces, Sub-Directorate of the Fighting Memory, represented by Maxime Blachon

Laurent Wauquiez
President of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, represented by Sophie Rotkopf, Vice-President in charge of Culture and Heritage

Jean Deguerry
President of the Ain Departmental Council, represented by Marie-Christine Chapel, vice-president for tourism, culture and heritage

Denis Martin-Barbaz
Mayor of Izieu

Thierry Vergain
Mayor of Brégnier-Cordon

Members representing the “Former residents of Izieu”

Edmond Adler
Samuel Pintel
Roger Wolman
Hélène Waysenson

Elected members

Sylvie Altar
Alain Blum
Daniel Bornstein
Laurence Collet-Roth
Piotr Cywinski
David Chabin
Arthur Dreyfuss
Viviane Eskénazi
Jan Fahlbusch
Evelyne Haguenauer
Alain Jakubowicz
Franck Levy
Dominique Missika
Stéphane Nivet
Michel Noir
Thierry Philip
Simon Pintel
Brigitte Sion
Bertrand Wert

Member of the scientific council on the board of directors

Serge Klarsfeld
Brigitte Sion

Honorary members

Beate Klarsfeld
Robert Mériaudeau
Hélène Waysbord-Loing

Founding members of the association

Sabine Zlatin (13/01/1907-21/09/1996)
Founding President

Pierre-Marcel Wiltzer (14/04/1910-01/03/1999)
President of the Association of the “Memorial Museum of the Children of Izieu” from 1988 to 1995

* updated on 30 april 2023

The scientific council

The scientific council brings people together who were chosen for their skills, work and influence in the areas related to the association’s aims. Its members are appointed by the board of directors.
Chaired by Brigitte Sion, it proposes work guidelines for the Maison d’Izieu and plays an advisory role to the board of directors and management.

Members of the scientific council:

Brigitte Sion
Serge Klarsfeld
Christoph Gollash
Geneviève Erramuzpé
Jean Paul Jean
Roman Kroke
Olivier Lalieu
Michel Massé
Stéphane Michonneau
Marc Perrenoud
Mathilde Philip-Gay
Léon Saltiel
Nathalie Zajde

* updated on 02 june 2023

Members and the general assembly

The general assembly brings together all the association’s associate members.
It is competent in all matters regarding the association and meets at least once a year, usually on the last Sunday in April.

To join and support the association, simply sign up via the online form. Active members may attend the general assembly and vote if they are up to date with their membership fees. All new members must have signed up by 31 January of that year. Failing this, anyone who joined the association between the 1st of February and the date of the general assembly may attend this meeting but will be unable to vote.



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