A historical place in memory of the children involved in the Shoah, the Maison d’Izieu has become a symbol for fighting against all forms of discrimination and a place for reflecting on crimes against humanity. The Maison d’Izieu aims to:

– Uphold the memory of the 44 Jewish children and their director and carers who were deported on 6 April 1944, as well as the memory of all the children who, with the active complicity of the French State, were victims of Nazi barbarism, and to pay tribute to all those who helped them, particularly the Resistance fighters.

– To inform and educate all of society, especially young people, about the crime against humanity that took place and the circumstances that led to it by studying, reflecting and teaching.

– Provide a space for remembrance and its challenges and to link this idea of remembrance with history and talking about what happened.

– Work together with and share a bond with similar institutions, both in France and abroad.

– Continue to make the Maison d’Izieu: a place for thinking about humanity and for respecting each other’s differences in the spirit of secularism and republicanism.