Seminars at the Maison d’Izieu and abroad

The Maison d’Izieu has long been developing activities on a European scale related to historical and educational research, studying the footsteps left behind by the Shoah and the relevant places, the creation of international justice and the creation of national remembrance. The aim is to work together on a shared history and to renew the ways we pass on these messages or the ways we learn.

Many training seminars have been organised:

  • in Germany, with the House of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin, the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt and the Documentation Centre and the Trial Memorial in Nuremberg.
  • in Italy, with Villa Emma in Nonantola, the Historical Institute of Modena and the Fossoli camp in Emilia Romagna.
  • in Poland, with the State Museum of Auschwitz-Birkenau.
  • in the Czech Republic, with the Terezin camp.
  • in Jerusalem, with the International Holocaust School, at the Yad Vashem Memorial.
  • in Greece, with the Jewish Museum of Greece in Athens and the Jewish community of Thessaloniki.
  • in Spain, with the Jewish Museum of Toledo and the Sephardic Centre in Madrid.
  • in the Netherlands, with the Anne Frank House and the Westerbork camp.
Seminars and conferences

View the conferences of the Sephardic seminar

18-20 April 2017

Who can participate?

While the main people who will benefit from these training courses are predominantly French teachers, they are also available to foreign partners, as well as students, tour guides from cultural institutions or representatives from remembrance associations.

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