The Maison d’Izieu has produced various travelling exhibitions on themes related to the history of the Izieu colony.

These exhibitions are freely available to schools, cultural centers, museums, libraries, etc., depending on availability. Transportation and insurance are the responsibility of the taker.


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Remembrance, commitment, fraternity

Whether for the children of the colony or for today’s visitors, the Maison d’Izieu, memorial to exterminated Jewish children, has always been a place of welcome: to save the lives of Jewish children during the Second World War, and then to commemorate, transmit and educate the young and not so young of today in the necessary fight against anti-Semitism and racism.

The traveling exhibition “Remembrance, commitment, fraternity” presents the struggle led by the people who made the Maison d’Izieu a place of education, remembrance and life and highlights the educational, cultural and commemorative actions carried out by the memorial today.


Technical information

Exhibition available in one copy.
13 Roll-Up recto-verso: in English on one side and in French on the other.
Dimensions : 85 x 200 cm
Recommended surface: 60 m2
Insured value : 20 000 euros
Deposit : 10 000 euros
Weight : 40 kg (3 kg x 13 panels approximately).

Enfants juifs réfugiés à Izieu, mai 1943-avril 1944

Jewish children who sought refuge in Izieu, May 1943 – April 1944

This exhibition, which was created by the Maison d’Izieu in 2014, consists of 38 panels, including 29 copies of photographs from the Maison d’Izieu archives and from people’s private collections who experienced these events (Henri Alexander, Marie-Louise Bouvier, Philippe Dehan, Paul Niedermann, Renée Pallarés-Pariselle, Paulette Pallarés-Roche, the Perticoz family and Sabine Zlatin).

After setting the scene, explaining why the home was founded during the Second World War and learning a bit about the background of how it was created, the exhibition showcases daily life at the Maison d’Izieu from May 1943 to April 1944, just before the 6 April roundup: giving out post, peeling vegetables, schooling, relaxing, etc. There are lots of excerpts from children’s letters and copies of administrative documents throughout the whole exhibition.

Technical information

Three copies of this exhibition are available:

2 pvc copies for hanging indoors.

They each have 38 boards:

  • 5 250 x 800mm boards, in colour,
  • 7 800 x 800mm boards, in colour,
  • 24 300 x 300mm boards, in black and white,
  • 1 1198 x 300mm board, in black and white,
  • 1 904 x 300mm board, in colour.

1 copy in dibond cardboard for hanging outside.

It has 35 boards:

  • 4 350 x 800mm boards, in colour,
  • 6 800 x 800mm boards, in colour,
  • 24 300 x 300mm boards, black and white,
  • 1 2100 x 300mm board, in black and white.

Each board is equipped with two eyelets at the top and bottom.

The number of boards with photographs (24 300 x 300mm boards) can be adjusted to match the lessee’s available space for hanging display pieces.

Insurance: 3000 €.
Security eposit: 1500 € (by uncashed check).

La colonie d’Izieu, mai 1943-avril 1944

The Izieu children’s home , May 1943 – April 1944

Fête à la fontaine, été 1943. © Maison d’Izieu -Coll. succession Sabine Zlatin

The 41 photographs in this exhibition are from the Maison d’Izieu archives and from people’s private collections who experienced and witnessed these events. Most of the photos were taken in the summer of 1943 and seven were taken on 26 March 1944, twelve days before the roundup. Among the children photographed, we can recognise some of those who were rounded up on 6 April 1944, but also those we call the “former children” at the Maison d’Izieu, who left the home before the roundup.

These photographs show daily life and depict a seemingly normal and care-free children’s home: group photos, shows, games in the meadows, peeling vegetables, having a wash, doing laundry, receiving post, etc.


Technical information

42 framed 40cm x 50cm photographic prints on baryta paper with captions.

Insured value: 110 euros per framed print.
Security deposit: uncashed check of half the insured value.

The photographs are transported in wooden boxes that are designed for this purpose. The number of pictures can be adjusted in line with the lessee’s available space for hanging display pieces.

Mannheim – Izieu – Auschwitz

Of the hundred or so Jewish children welcomed to the Izieu children’s home between May 1943 and 6 April 1944, several came from Germany. Four of the children who were rounded up were from Mannheim.

In 2001-2002, secondary pupils from Mannheim and Lyon worked together on researching these four children as part of an initiative led by the Maison d’Izieu and supported by the City of Mannheim Archives.

The bilingual exhibition completed in 2003 showcases their collective work. It follows the journey of Sami Adelsheimer, Max Leiner, Fritz Loebmann and Otto Wertheimer, young German Jews from Mannheim, who were aged five to fifteen at the time, and who were expelled from Germany and deported to France.


Technical information

21 bilingual French-German boards, in colour and laminated front and back, with two eyelets the top and bottom, distributed as follows:

  • 15 0.90 x 1.20m boards and 6 0.45 x 1.20m boards
  • provide for 18m of linear hanging

insured value: 3000 euros.
Security deposit: 1500 € (by uncashed check).

1 package, 103cm x 25cm diameter tube, weight 17kg

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