The surroundings

Living place

The surroundings



The home was set up with the help of the Deputy Prefect in Belley, Pierre-Marcel Wiltzer.
The inhabitants of the village and the surroundings were aware of the presence of these Jewish children at Izieu.



The Neighbours


Relations with the Perticoz family, whose farm was adjacent to the home, were excellent. The son and Julien Favet, an agricultural labourer, were friends of the home. In the morning, the children brought Julien his meal in the neighbouring fields..



The village


To ensure meals at the home, Miron Zlatin procured food mainly in the village of Izieu, as the names of village families in his accounting ledger show.


Yvette Benguigui was the little sister of three Benguigui brothers at the home. At two, she was too young to be received with her brothers, so she was placed with the Héritier, who lived in the centre of the village. Madame Héritier did the laundry for the home. Her daughter Jeannette was the same age as Yvette.
Independently from the home, two Jewish children were placed with the Borgey family.
All three escaped the 6th April 1944 raid.


Some village people remember they sometimes went to play, as children, with the home children.



The Gendarmerie


A gendarme warned an adult from the home of a potential danger on at least 3 occasions.
This was indeed why helpers Serge and Rachel Pludermacher left the home. As did Paul Niedermann, who was tall at 16 and could have drawn attention to himself as a possible STO [forced labour organisation) recalcitrant.
In August 1943, the Brégnier-Cordon gendarmerie issued Léon Reifman a safe-conduct allowing him to leave Izieu and so escape arrest under the forced labour measures imposed on Jews (TODT forced labour organisation).