Deportation extermination

Mot de Miron Zlatin adressé à Sabine, camp de Drancy (BnF)
Lettre de Suzanne Reifman à Sabine Zlatin, 13 avril 1944 (Bnf)
Retour de Léa Feldblum (Maison d’Izieu, succession S. Zlatin)

Deportation, extermination

Lyon – Montluc Prison


The 44 children and 7 adults arrested at the Izieu home were imprisoned on 6th and 7th April 1944 at the Montluc prison in Lyon.
At the Barbie trial in 1987, helper and sole survivor Léa Feldblum stated “The children, they were made to sit on the floor and the adults were standing with their hands tied high on the wall”. She confirmed that the adults and teenagers were interrogated, but the children were not.
On 7th April, they were all taken by tram to Lyon-Perrache railway station and transferred by rail convoy to the Drancy transit camp.
Léa Feldblum was in a compartment with the smallest children. She saw teenagers Théo Reis and Arnold Hirsch pass along the platform wearing handcuffs.


Drancy Camp


The children and adults entered the Drancy camp on 8th April 1944. They were recorded as numbers 19185 to 19235 on the camp entry register.
Léa Feldblum, who had false identity papers in the name of Marie-Louise Decoste, revealed her Jewish identity. She wanted to stay with the children.
They were all deported in different rail convoys between April and June 1944.




On 13th April 1944, 34 of the Izieu children and 4 of the helpers were deported from Drancy to Auschwitz-Birkenau in rail convoy 71.
After a 3-day journey in inhuman conditions, they drew up at the Judenrampe (Jews’ platform), where “selection” was performed. The children were sent to the gas chambers along with Eva and Moïse Reifman. Their daughter Suzanne Reifman and Léa Feldblum were sent to the work gangs. Suzanne heard her son Claude crying and decided to join him in the other queue.
Léa Feldblum entered Auschwitz-Birkenau camp. Her forearm was branded with the number 78620 and she was used as a guinea-pig for Nazi medical experiments.
She was still alive when the camp was liberated in January 1945.


The 8 other Izieu children and 3 helpers were deported in rail convoys 72 on 29th April, 74 on 20th May, 75 on 30th May and 76 on 30th June 1944. They were all murdered on arrival at Birkenau.


Reval (Tallin today)


Miron Zlatin and two teenagers, Théo Reis and Arnold Hirsch, were deported to Estonia in rail convoy 73. Leaving Drancy on 15th May 1944, this rail convoy was made up of only men fit and old enough to work.
They were shot by the SS in the Tallin fortress during the summer of 1944.