Life of the association

Maison d’Izieu, cuisine, détail

Life of the association

Activity reports for the Maison d’Izieu

Annual activity reports are presented at the Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

These reports are available as downloads (from 2007).
They summarise the activities of the various departments of the Maison d’Izieu on a yearly basis. They reveal the intensity and diversity of the actions conducted, the wide range of visitors and the influence of the Maison d’Izieu.

The activity reports mainly include the:

  • Report of the President, Hélène Waysbord,
  • Director’s activity report, which details the activities, projects and partnerships of the Maison d’Izieu,
  • Teaching Department report, which summarises and evaluates school visits and presents the continuing education actions initiated by the Maison d’Izieu,
  • Yearly attendance figures by public category.