Maison d’Izieu, allée, détail
Maison d’Izieu, allée, détail


The Maison d’Izieu Association includes more than 500 people (members, former Izieu children, ex officio members and honorary members).
Three bodies ensure operation and management.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors comprises 15 to 18 members elected by the General Assembly and 9 ex officio members: the mayors of Izieu and Brégnier-Cordon, representatives of public administrations linked to the Association and two of the former Izieu children.
It has extensive powers to take decisions related to the Association’s purpose and to its operation and development, within the scope of the orientations and actions defined by the General Assembly.
Thierry Philip is the Association’s current President.

Scientific Council
The Scientific Council comprises individuals selected for their skills, work and influence in areas related to the Association’s missions. Its members are appointed by the Board of Directors.
Presided over by Serge Klarsfeld, it provides working guidelines for the Maison d’Izieu and plays an advisory role to the Board of Directors and Management.

The AGM includes the Association’s members.
It has authority in all matters concerning the Association and is held at least once a year, generally in the afternoon on the French National Day of the Deportation, the last Sunday in April.