Maison d’Izieu, plaque 1946, detail
Maison d’Izieu, plaque 1990, détail


As a place of history and remembrance, the Maison d’Izieu manages and maintains the Memorial site and develops its activities along several lines.

To perpetuate the memory of the 44 Jewish children, the home director and the helpers who were deported on 6th April 1944, in addition to all children who, with the active complicity of the French State, fell victim to Nazi barbarity, and to pay homage to all those who came to their aid, especially Resistance fighters.

To inform and educate all public categories, especially the young, in relation to crimes against humanity, and the circumstances leading to them.

To initiate thinking on remembrance and its issues, and to link history, memory and transmission of historical awareness.

To foster links of cooperation and exchange with comparable establishments, in France and abroad.