In France and in Europe

Place des 44 enfants d’Izieu, Paris 13e
Stèles en hommage aux enfants d’Izieu et à Sabine Zlatin, Belley
Mémorial de la prison Montluc, Lyon
Rue Zlatin à Landas (BnF)
Plaque sur la propriété des Zlatin à Landas (BnF)
Monument aux déportés de l’Ain à Nantua (Bnf)
Mémorial de la Shoah, mur des noms, Paris (SB)
Crèche municipale de Jacou (Hérault)
Musée Mémorial du camp de Rivesaltes (en projet)
Pavillon français du Musée d’Auschwitz (Pologne)

In France and in Europe

Various monuments, plaques, street names or memorials and museums in France and elsewhere in Europe recall the history and evoke the memory of the children and adults of the Izieu home.


In the Ain Department


• Belley
Two plaques in memory of the four teenagers from the Izieu home have been erected in the Bugey secondary school complex.
The first was installed in 1949. It displays the names of 27 “former pupils of the Belley former and modern public secondary schools, who died for France between 1939 and 1945”, including the four pupils from the Izieu home. In 1995, a second plaque was unveiled in the hall of the school complex and was the culmination of an educational project for the 50th anniversary of extermination camp liberation. It pays tribute to the four secondary school pupils from the Izieu home, “victims, with 40 other children, of the Izieu raid on 6th April 1944, deported and assassinated at Auschwitz-Birkenau only because they were born Jewish” and to the 23 pupils “killed in fighting Nazism and for freedom”.

Since 1987, the area above the monument to the deceased is called “Place des enfants juifs et martyrs d’Izieu” [Izieu Jewish children’s and martyrs’ square].
In 2010, the town hall renovated this area and erected a monument composed of three steles, paying special tribute to the children and adults arrested at Izieu as well as to Sabine Zlatin.


• Bourg-en-Bresse
Since 1987, the pedestrian passageway near the Hôtel des Postes is called the “Allée des enfants de la colonie d’Izieu” [a tribute to the children of the Izieu home]. A pedestal has been erected in the centre of this pedestrian way. It bears the inscription “Tribute of the French Republic to the victims of racist and anti-Semitic persecutions and crimes against humanity committed under the authority of the de facto Government of the French State (1940 – 1944) – Let us never forget”.


• Hauteville-Lompnes
A stele and an “Allée des enfants d’Izieu” [Izieu children’s way] were inaugurated on 6th April 1998.


• Nantua
On 27th April 1987, a plaque displaying the names of the “enfants juifs d’Izieu victimes du nazisme – 6 avril 1944” [Jewish children of Izieu, victims of Nazism – 6th April 1944] and of the “adultes responsables du groupe” [adults in charge of the group] was unveiled at the monument dedicated to the 589 Ain Department deportees and erected in 1949.


• Vonnas
The town hall inaugurated a square in tribute to the children of the Izieu home in 2005.


In the Rhône Department


• Lyon
The Mémorial de la prison Montluc [Montluc prison memorial] exhibition, inaugurated in September 2010, recalls the story of the children and adults from the Izieu home , who were imprisoned there on 6th and 7th April 1944.


On 7th April 2010, a square named after the Izieu children was inaugurated in Lyon’s 7th Arrondissement. In the same Arrondissement, the local authority decided to open a road in tribute to Sabine and Miron Zlatin.


A plaque and a square also pay tribute to the children of Izieu in Lyon’s 6th Arrondissement.


• Villeurbanne
At 14 rue Pierre Loti, where the Halaunbrenner lived, a plaque recalls Klaus Barbie’s arrest at that address of Jacob Halaunbrenner and of Léon, his son. The two small daughters, Mina and Claudine, placed in the Izieu home, were later arrested and deported with the other children on 6th April 1944.


On 17th May 2010, the Villeurbanne city council decided to name a street in the Les Brosses area “Sabine Zlatin”.


In the Hérault Department


• Montpellier
A plaque unveiled in 1994 on the facade of the Saint-François-Régis secondary school recalls the help provided by abbot Prévost to Sabine Zlatin in taking Jewish children into his boarding house.


• Palavas-les-Flots
A stele erected in front of the old marine solarium reminds us that Jewish children, who had been freed from the internment camps by Sabine Zlatin, were given shelter there by the OSE [“Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants” – French Jewish children’s humanitarian organisation]. Several of these children were then received at the Izieu home.


• Agde
On the front wall of the René Cassin secondary school, a plaque recalls the existence of the Agde camp, which was used as a gathering and “sorting” point for people seized in raids. It was from this camp that Sabine Zlatin was able to free some of the Jewish children subsequently taken in by the Izieu home.


• Jacou
Sabine and Miron Zlatin lived in Jacou in 1940 and 1941. A kindergarten called the “Maison de la petite enfance Sabine Zlatin” [Sabine Zlatin infant centre] was inaugurated by the town council in February 2008 in tribute to their action.


In the Pyrénées-Orientales Department


• Musée Mémorial du camp de Rivesaltes,
A few years after their marriage, Sabine and Miron Zlatin lived in Landas, where they bought a poultry farm.
Since 1946, a road bears their name and a plaque has been installed at their former property.


In the Nord Department


• Landas
A few years after their marriage, Sabine and Miron Zlatin lived in Landas, where they bought a poultry farm.
Since 1946, a road bears their name and a plaque has been installed at their former property.


In the Var Department


• Sanary-sur-mer
The “Le Jardin de la Mémoire des Enfants d’Izieu” [memorial garden to the Izieu children] infants’ playground, situated in the town centre near the port, was opened in 1995, following a journey of remembrance organised by the town council to several places of remembrance and history, including the Maison d’Izieu and Auschwitz.



In Paris


• 13th arrondissement
On 30th June 2006, a “Place des 44 enfants d’Izieu” [square of the 44 Izieu children] was inaugurated in this Parisian arrondissement. A commemorative plaque stating that they were “arrested on the 6th April 1944, deported and murdered by the Nazis because they were born Jewish” was unveiled at the corner between rue du Moulin de la Pointe and rue Pieyre de Mandiargues.


• 46 rue Madame
A plaque on the facade reminds us that “Sabine Zlatin, who saved Jewish children at Izieu before 44 of them were exterminated at Auschwitz, lived here”.


Mémorial de la Shoah
The names of the 44 children and 7 adults arrested at Izieu on 6th April 1944 are engraved on the Wall of Names, erected on the memorial forecourt. The permanent exhibition recalls the history of the Izieu home.


In Berlin


The Wannsee Conference House
The story of the Halaunbrenner family, whose two little daughters Mina and Claudine were placed and subsequently arrested at the Izieu home, is recalled through an interview with Alexandre Halaubrenner and the family archive documents.


Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
A large database lists the places of Shoah remembrance in Europe. The Maison d’Izieu features in the list of French locations.


In London


Imperial War Museum
The letters and drawings of Georgy Halpern (see below) have been conserved with the museum collections ; certain originals are included in the permanent exhibition dedicated to the Shoah.


In Poland


Auschwitz Museum
Georgy Halpern, a native of Austria, who found refuge in France with his family, was placed in the Izieu home and was one of the 44 children arrested during the 6th April 1944 raid. His story is recalled in the permanent exhibition at the French pavilion. The history of the Izieu home features strongly in this account.


Please inform us of any other places referring to the Izieu home, which have not been included so that we can complete the above list.