Maison d’Izieu, visite scolaire (ER)
Maison d’Izieu, atelier pédagogique (ER)


The Maison d’Izieu Teaching Department gives primary and secondary school students the opportunity to participate in workshops that complement their visit to the Memorial.

Various historical and civic themes are offered depending on the students’ level, in coordination with their school curriculum and the research and working subjects at the Maison d’Izieu.

The description of all workshops can be downloaded below. (French langage only)
There is a progression to the themes according to level (primary school, secondary school, 6th form college). This makes it possible to study the history of the home and visit the Maison d’Izieu several times, building on the objectives with each visit.

The workshops are based on archival documents or other documentary resources. The students can study an exhibition topic in greater depth while working with a variety of supporting materials: video footage, literary works, posters, photos, etc.

The workshops can take different forms:



  • Structured workshops: On a specific subject; a member of the Teaching Department makes an interactive presentation, based on various types of documents. Part of the sequence may involve an independent student activity focused on a few documents.
  • Research workshops: On one subject; the major part of the workshop involves independent research by the students, who then share their results.
  • Expression workshops: Based on photographs or letters; the students are guided in writing a personal text or preparing a poster.


Pour une meilleure approche, écoute et interactivité,
30 élèves au maximum sont accueillis par atelier.
Les élèves doivent avoir de quoi écrire (feuilles, stylo, crayons).


To optimise exchange, receptiveness and interactivity,
each workshop is limited to 30 students maximum.