Teachers’ area

Maison d’Izieu, la terrasse (MGG)

Teachers’ area

Visiting the Maison d’Izieu


For information concerning visits
and reservations for all groups,
contact Océane Roux-Villedieu (secretarial office):
Tel.: +33 (0)4 79 87 21 05


The members of the Teaching Department, along with “relay teachers” from the Belley secondary school, help teachers and accompanying adults prepare their visit to the Maison d’Izieu and support their educational projects.
They can make suggestions on preparing young visitors for the Memorial: teaching the chronological milestones of the period, presenting main concepts and discussing civic issues specific to this place of remembrance.


Depending on the project, they may have direct involvement with the classes or groups in their establishments.


A basic visit takes around two hours.
Teachers oversee the basic visit, which involves the Barn and the House. It includes the film Avec les enfants ? (With the children?) and exclusive extracts from the Klaus Barbie trial that relate to the Izieu raid. Students are divided into groups of 30 maximum.
Maison d’Izieu guides present the site and its history, and remain available throughout the visit.


Visits including a workshop and speakers require a full day.
They are organised and conducted by the Maison d’Izieu Teaching Department based on a specific educational project.


To ensure the best conditions for each group, the number of people visiting the site at any one time is limited.


To help teachers prepare their visit, an educational booklet describing the site and all its resources can be purchased at the entry desk.


Residential courses
As part of heritage coursework or artistic and cultural projects, groups or classes of young people may stay at the Maison d’Izieu for a period lasting from two days to one week.


Lodging is provided by the Maison des Isles du Rhône, located in the neighbouring village of Brégnier-Cordon. This hostel provides accommodation for groups of young people and adults consisting of rooms only or full board. Educational programmes and activities centred on the environment and sustainable development are offered throughout the year.


For more information:
Nathalie Dubois Laveau,
Maison des Isles du Rhône
La Bruyère
01300 Brégnier-Cordon
Tel.: +33 (0)4 79 87 26 62


Contacts at the Education Department


Nathalie Blaszyk, nblaszyk@memorializieu.eu
Pierre-Jérôme Biscarat, pjbiscarat@memorializieu.eu
Dominique Vidaud, dvidaud@memorializieu.eu
Secretarial office: +33 (0)4 79 87 21 05
Direct line: +33 (0)4 79 87 20 08


Relay teachers, Délégation Académique à l’Action Culturelle (DAAC), Lyon Education Authority


Gérard Mola
Collège du Bugey, 113 rue du 5e RTM
F – 01300 BELLEY
Tel.: +33 (0)4 79 81 02 18

Grégory Besset
Collège Marcel Aymé
F- 01120 DAGNEUX
Tel. : +33 (0)4 78 06 28 00

Special rules


During site visits, the use of mobile phones and music players is prohibited. No eating or drinking (including chewing gun) is allowed in the buildings.
Out of respect for other visitors and for the site, visitors must move about and speak quietly. Littering is prohibited.

As there is no waste collection at the site, groups are asked to remove their waste upon leaving. Garbage sacks are available at the entry desk.

Please provide your own materials (pencils, paper, etc.) for note-taking during the visit and filling in any questionnaires.