Documentation centre

Maison d’Izieu, centre de documentation
Maison d’Izieu, centre de documentation
Maison d’Izieu, centre de documentation

Documentation centre


The Documentation Centre maintains and updates a specialised collection related to the working and research themes at the Maison d’Izieu::

  • Organisation and daily life at the Izieu home,
  • Raid of 6th April 1944,
  • Children during the war,
  • France from 1939 to 1945 and the Vichy government,
  • Crimes against humanity,
  • Remembrance, art and history.

The Documentation Centre is open to teachers, researchers and institutions who work on these themes, by appointment only.

For school visits, it provides teachers and students with documentation (students’ work, facsimiles, newspapers, works from the period, reference works, children’s literature and documentation, etc.) to help them select, prepare or illustrate their projects conducted at the Maison d’Izieu.




The collection at the Maison d’Izieu Documentation Centre consists of more than 5000 documents (books, periodicals, cassettes, DVDs and CDs): documentaries, archives and copies of archives, pre-1945 publications, dictionaries and manuals, university dissertations, students’ work, and fictional works in French, German, English, Italian and Polish for adults and children.

It is centred on documents relating to the Second World War and the history and commemoration of the Shoah. The themes of Jewish children during the war, crimes against humanity, international criminal justice are developed in particular. The collection contains works and catalogues of exhibitions and artists that stimulate thought and discussion on art, remembrance and representation.

The collection – containing copies of archives on the history of the Izieu home, the concentration camps, the trials following the war, and crimes against humanity – is continually being expanded.

Library management software is used to electronically organise the collection.
The indexing language selected, Rameau, is that used by the “Bibliothèque nationale de France” [French National Library].


Acquisitions policy


The acquisitions policy is to buy specialised works (documentaries, journals, theses), documentary or literary publications for children, and archival documents from the Vichy and post-war period (magazines, newspapers, tracts, books, reports). In addition, students’ output from workshops conducted with the Maison d’Izieu is systematically collected.
The Documentation Centre has received subsidies from the “Centre National du Livre” [French national book centre] for its purchases.

The collection has also been enriched by various private donations, in particular pre-1945 publications and archival documents.




The main works on the history of the Izieu home are made available to the Documentation Centres of various memorials or to European historical centres that are partners of the Maison d’Izieu. Partners in Germany include the House of the Wannsee Conference in Berlin and the Bergen Belsen and Buchenwald memorials, and in Italy, the library of the Modena Historical Institute, a partner in the national network of Italian libraries.

Since 2005 the Documentation Centre has participated in the Rameau network (“Bibliothèque nationale de France”) along with major French libraries. It contributes by proposing new topics in indexing, according to its own needs.

Access and contact


By appointment:


Stéphanie Boissard
Tel. : +33 (0)4 79 87 21 05
Fax : +33 (0)4 79 87 59 27