The Barn


The Barn

The Barn, an old farm building, is dedicated to history.


The exhibition retraces the itineraries of the families of the Izieu children
and presents the historical context of Europe during the Second World War.
We follow four families from their arrival in France between the wars until their deportation.
These individual family stories are placed within the historical context of the anti-Semitic persecutions perpetrated by France’s Vichy government and the genocide of Jewish people in Europe.


Crime against humanity
Thinking on crime against humanity is introduced towards the end of the exhibition itinerary. It refers to the main French collaborators as well as the Nuremberg trials and the Klaus Barbie trial.
It also mentions other genocides and crimes against humanity of the 20th century.


Temporary exhibitions
Temporary historical or artistic exhibitions are housed on the ground floor of the Barn.


Approximate visit time: 45 minutes, excluding film projections and videos.